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Branch Services

The daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is $500.  For Point of Sale (POS) purchases where a PIN is required, the daily limit is $1,000.  For POS purchases that do not require a PIN, the daily limit is $3,000.  There is a limit of 25 Visa purchase transactions per day. 

Since our branch hours vary, select the appropriate branch under the "Locations" section of this website.

Members may obtain 1 free Official Check per day.  Any additional Official Checks are $5.00 each.

Members may cash in coins at any one of our branch locations.

To submit a wire, complete the Bank to Bank Wire Request Form, on the "Forms" section of this website.  Incoming wires to your Andrews Federal account are $15, outgoing domestic wires are $25 and outgoing international wires are $35.

Yes, through the CO-OP Shared Branch Network, you will be able to complete some of the same transactions as if you were at an Andrews Federal branch. To find a Shared Branch near you and to confirm the services that are available, visit the Branches & ATMs page.

Yes, at our Maryland and Mr. Laurel (NJ) branch locations only.

No, but we offer a variety of surcharge free options. Just click on "Branches and ATMs" under the "ACCESS" section on the home page.

You can access your Andrews Federal accounts at participating shared branch locations. Additionally, guest members from other credit unions may access their accounts at our military bases and Virginia locations.

Credit Cards

To place a freeze on your credit card in the Andrews Federal mobile app, click the Manage your Credit Card tab in the Menu bar.  Debit cards can be frozen within online banking by clicking the Options and Extras tab and selecting Debit Card Controls option. 

To order a replacement card in the mobile app, click the Manage your Credit Card tab in the Menu bar. Click the Visa logo, and the options for requesting a replacement card will appear.  To order a replacement card online, check out the "Common Tasks" section under the "CARDS" area of the home page.

Open the Wallet App, click on "Add Card", scan your card and follow the onscreen instructions.

To redeem your reward points, visit

You may submit a new loan application at anytime to request an increase.

Yes, you may use your credit card internationally 

To place a travel notification on your account, select the airplane icon within Online Banking or select the Travel Notifications option from the Options and Extras tab. Enter your travel information, select the card(s) that you will be traveling with, and select Submit.  For additional security, establish fraud alerts for your cards by selecting the Credit Card or Debit Card Fraud Alerts options within the Options and Extras tab.

Yes, we offer secured credit cards. We freeze funds equal to the desired balance. The money is still yours but is security for the credit line.

Credit Reporting

A variety of factors impact your credit score including the number and severity of late payments, your total number of credit accounts and loans, the type and age of your accounts, the amount of credit you have utilized on your cards, total debt, the number of new credit accounts that you have recently opened, and the number of recent credit inquiries(applying for credit cards and loans). 

In Online Banking, click on the "FICO Score" tab to view your latest score (updated quarterly).

We have loan options for members with limited or no credit history including share and certificate secured loans,  a share and certificate secured Visa and the Cash to Go loan.

The FICO Score (based on Equifax data)  is posted in Online Banking and is updated on a quarterly basis. 

Debit Card

Yes, to freeze your debit card, log into Online Banking, select the Options and Extras tab, and click the Debit Card Controls option.

To order a replacement card online, vist the "Common Tasks" area of the "CARDS" section of the home page and select the Report a Lost or Stolen Card option.  You may also contact us at 800.487.5500.

You may visit any of our branch locations to change your pin number on the spot or you can call our Contact Center at 800-487-5500 and have one sent in the mail. This typically takes about 7-10 business days. Finally, members can self-select their debit PIN by calling 866-985-2273 and answering a series of authentication questions. 

Deposit Services

In Online Banking, click on the "Order Checks" tab, select your account from the dropdown and then submit.

Yes, Regulation D (Reg D) is a federal regulation that limits transactions from Savings and/or Money Market accounts to 6 transactions per month. 

Yes, complete the "Authorization for Direct Deposit to Andrews Federal Credit Union" form located in the "LEARN" section of this website and return it to your employer or to the agency responsible for your payments.

If the check is drawn from an Andrews Federal account, the funds will be available on the first business day after we receive your deposit.  If the check is a personal check from an outside institution, the first $200.00 will be available on or before the first business day after we receive the deposit.  The remainder (up to $5,000) will be available no later than the 2nd business day after the day we receive your deposit, and the remaining funds over $5,000 will be available no later than the 7th business day after the day we receive your deposit. For more detailed information, please review our Funds Availability policy in the "LEARN" section of this website.

Yes, you may have a Free Checking Account and an Advantage Checking Account, however the option to have 2 of the same type of checking account (e.g., 2 Free Checking accounts) is not available. 

You should call our Contact Center at 800-487-5500 or visit your local branch to place a stop payment on the series of checks. It is strongly advised that you work with a representative to close the account and open a new one. 

You can place a stop payment on a check in Online Banking by selecting the account the check was written on and then "Stop Payments". In the Mobile App select "Make a Stop Payment".  These options are free of charge. You may also contact us at 800.487.5500.  Please note that a $25 stop payment fee will be applied.  To stop a payment for an ACH, visit our "FORMS" section of this website and complete the ACH Stop Payment form.

 You may visit any of our branch locations to complete the necessary paperwork. You may visit our  IRA page under the "Savings" section of this website for an IRA beneficiary form

As a general rule, you want to start the process where the IRA fund will end up. This ensures there is an IRA to deposit the funds you send. Speak to a representative at 800 487-5500 about opening an IRA account. 

Loan Services

If you see a transaction on your account that you do not recognize and did not authorize, contact us at 800.487.5500 and our team will help you with filing a fraud claim. 

Yes, similar to the way that FDIC insurance protects bank customers' deposits, the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) protects credit union member deposits up to $250,000 for each individual depositor. For additional information about NCUA's share insurance, visit

If you purchased GAP from your dealership, you should contact them directly to file your claim. If you purchase from us or, we will file the claim on your behalf. To do so we will need documentation from your insurance provider including the market valuation report, the total loss settlement statement, settlement check, cause of loss letter (if purchase from us) and the police report if applicable. This info can be faxed to 301-702-5323 or emailed to Make sure that you have a valid email address on file with us so that our communications can be received.

We allow 10 days for the payoff funds to clear before mailing your security interest filing instrument to the mailing address on file. This should be kept with your title to show that there is no longer a lein against it.

No, you are welcome to apply for a loan before you've become a member. Once you've been approved for the loan, membership is required($5 minimum in Savings) for the loan to be disbursed.

No, you are welcome to pay your loan off early at any time without penalty.

You can apply for a loan online by selecting the "Apply for a Loan" option which is listed at a "Common Task" under the "BORROW" section of this website.


Yes, we offer Major Mechanical Protection (MMP). The cost varies depending on the plan type and vehicle.

To reset your username or password once you have already logged into online banking, click on the About Me tab.  If you do not remember your username or password and are unable to log into online banking, contact us at 800.487.5500.

Our routing number is 255074111.

There are a variety of ways to qualify for membership at Andrews Federal.  To see the full list of eligibility requirements, click on "Membership" at the top or bottom of the home page.

Yes, Privilege Pay is our overdraft program that is offered at our discretion and allows you to withdraw more than your account balance for a short period of time in order to cover unexpected emergencies. In essence, we advance you the money you need to pay for the items by allowing your account balance to go temporarily negative.  We charge you a $32.00 fee for each item cleared in this manner, although there is a cap to how much your account will be charged in Privilege Pay fees ($224.00/day and $750/month). We also offer Overdraft Line of Credit, which is a loan product that is linked to your checking account and will automatically transfer available funds to cover any insufficient funds items that are presented for payment.  Each such transfer to your checking is an advance against your Line of Credit and increases your loan balance.  While there are no fees for the transfers themselves, you will pay interest on any outstanding Line of Credit balances.  If you pay off the Line of Credit balance on the same day that it is advanced, you will not be charged any interest.

You will need two forms of state-issued identification, including one primary form such as a state-issued ID, Passport, and/or Military ID. The second form of identification can be a Social Security card, Student ID, Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Auto Insurance Card, and/or a Credit Card. If your state-issued identification does not have your current physical address, you will need to show proof of current address with another form of identification, such as current utility bill or current bank or mortgage statement.

You must retain a minimum of $5 in your base share savings account. 

To update the address or phone number on your account, log into Online Banking, click the Options and Extras tab and select the Verify and Update Contact Information option. 

Credit unions and banks are both financial institutions but there are significant differences in how they are operated. Banks are owned by shareholders. Their Boards of Directors are paid employees. They are for-profit institutions. Credit Unions are owned by their members and their Boards are volunteer. They are non-profit which means any profits made are returned back to the member in the form of lower rates and fees.

We award ten $2,000 college scholarships and ten $500 Summer Camp Awards annually.  Applications for these programs are typically accepted in the first quarter of each year.

We exhange foreign currency at our overseas locations.

You may visit any of our branches, along with proof of name change. Such as marriage certificate, SSN card, or government issued document. You may also send a secure message through your online banking and upload your documents and a representative will review and follow up with you shortly.

To remove a joint owner, close the account and open a new one.

Online Banking

Yes, in Online Banking if you have their account number and the first 3 letters of their last name. Select the account you want to transfer from and then select "Member to Member Transfers".

Click on "Online Banking Enrollment" from the home page.

Click on the Login box from the Home Page and select Online Banking from the drop down.

Log into Online Banking and click on "eDocuments"to find your last 24 account statements.

Yes, we do. We offer Online Euro Bill Pay via our Online Banking platform.The cost is just .50 per transaction or $2 for in branch transactions.


You can set up a recurring payment by logging into Online Banking and selecting "Bill Pay". From Bill Pay, select the first payment start date and frequency when setting up your "Payee". You may also visit any branch location or call us at 800-487-5500.

Open the Wallet App, click on "Add Card", scan your card and follow the onscreen instructions.

You may access the "Visa Automated Payment" Form under the "LEARN" section of the homepage, then click on "Resources", and then "Forms". The form can returned to your payroll office or the agency that handles payments.

Select the "Bill Pay" tab in Online Banking and then select the "Pay a Person" option.

You should call our Contact Center at 800-487-5500 to make an escrow payment.

Andrews Federal members received over $19 Million in direct member benefits through lower fees, lower loan rates and higher deposit yields.