FICO® Score

The score of life. Your FICO® score shows how responsible you are with borrowed money such as credit cards and loans, whether you pay your bills on time and much more.

Your score carries a lot of weight.

When you want to borrow money or apply for a credit card, your FICO® score will help the lender determine how trustworthy you are when it comes to repaying money. Your interest rate will determine how much you'll pay to borrow money or access a line of credit. The higher your FICO® score, the lower your rate and the more money you'll save on interest. Even when you rent an apartment or apply for a job, landlords and employers will check your score to get a sense of how responsible you are with money.

Know what's in your credit report and what your score means

Access your FICO® score within Online Banking. This service is completely free and won't impact your score.

To offer more help, we produced these quick videos that explain details about your credit report and score so you can establish good habits that will strengthen your foundation.

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Still Have Questions?

A variety of factors impact your credit score including the number and severity of late payments, your total number of credit accounts and loans, the type and age of your accounts, the amount of credit you have utilized on your cards, total debt, the number of new credit accounts that you have recently opened, and the number of recent credit inquiries(applying for credit cards and loans). 

In Online Banking, click on the "FICO Score" tab to view your latest score (updated quarterly).

We have loan options for members with limited or no credit history including share and certificate secured loans,  a share and certificate secured Visa and the Cash to Go loan.

The FICO Score (based on Equifax data)  is posted in Online Banking and is updated on a quarterly basis. 

Yes, we offer secured credit cards. We freeze funds equal to the desired balance. The money is still yours but is security for the credit line.

Andrews Federal members received over $19 Million in direct member benefits through lower fees, lower loan rates and higher deposit yields.