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Making a big purchase, paying down debt, saving more money. The story of everyone's personal finances includes these elements. As you work on yours, use these calculators to dig into the details of your options and choose the one that fits best.

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Auto Benefits
Calculate a Vehicle Payment Compute your monthly payments to avoid overspending
Compare Monthly Payment by Term

Choose which amount of time will make your monthly payments most affordable

Compare Two Vehicle Loans Calculator

Determine which vehicle fits best in your budget

Low Rate or Cash Back? Calculator

Find out which option benefits you most


Mortgage Benefits
Calculate a Mortgage Payment Compute how much your dream home will cost every month
Home Affordability Calculator

See how much home you can comfortable afford

Compare Two Mortgage Loans Calculator

Break down a complicated decision into simple numbers

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Analyzer Calculator

Get financially prepared for future rate changes


Home Equity Benefits
Calculate a Home Equity Loan Payment Determine the monthly cost of cashing in your homes value
Calculate a Home Equity Line of Credit Payment

Compute the flexible cost of having a line of credit

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit? Calculator

Figure out if you need a lump sum or revolving line of credit 

Consolidating Debt with Home Equity Calculator

Factor how to achieve your dreams faster


Savings Benefits
The Impact of Saving More Calculator Factor how to achieve your dreams faster
Save for College Calculator

Create a savings plan to ease the cost of education

Save Toward a Goal Calculator

Project exactly how long it will take to achieve your goals

Compare Two CDs Calculator

Compute which term and rate will offer the most return


Retirement Benefits
Save for Retirement Calculator Calculate the ideal future for yourself
How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last? Calculator

See how much money you need to fund your retirement lifestyle

Spend It or Invest In An IRA? Calculator

Consider the perks of an investment account

Retirement Income Estimator Calculator

Find out how much you'll earn during retirement


Debt Benefits
Calculate a Loan Payment Compute the monthly cost of borrowing a lump sum
Are Credit Card Balance Transfers Worth It? Calculator

Determine if you can save money by moving a high-rate balance

How Long Will It Take To Pay Off A Credit Card? Calculator

Create a strategy for paying off debt

Debt Consolidation Calculator

See if debt consolidation is the best course of action


Budget Benefits
How Much Am I Spending? Calculator Figure out where all of your money is going
Balance Your Checkbook Calculator

Learn how much money you need to make ends meet

Calculate Your Net Worth Calculator

Input investments and debt to see how much you're worth

Save or Pay Off Debt? Calculator

Strategize the best finance decisions for your future


Business Finance Benefits
Calculate a Business Loan Payment Determine the cost of being your own boss
Business Loan or Line of Credit? Calculator

Get an idea of how much money you need to run your business

Repaying a Business Loan Calculator

See how long it will take to repay a business investment

Business Debt Consolidation Calculator

Strategize how much you need to pay off borrowed funds

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