Bill Pay

No more writing checks, no more missing deadlines
  • Save time by accessing all of your bills and payees with one single login and password
  • Fast electronic bill payments
  • Save time by accessing all of your payees in one place
  • Use Online Banking or our Mobile App
  • Schedule payments for timely arrival
  • Only one username and password needed to pay all of your bills

Paying bills is like pulling off a Band-Aid. The faster you do it, the less it hurts.

It's only fair that you pay the people and companies that provide you with life's necessities. But there's no need to buy stamps, waste time signing checks and stuffing envelopes. With Bill Pay, you can finish up in minutes and to make sure your payments arrive on time.

It definitely pays to dig deeper into the details

Once you get the hang of things, Bill Pay can work wonders for you. You can make one-time bill payments with just a couple clicks. You can schedule payments on bills you pay every month– like utilities – far in advance. By controlling the date when your funds are transferred, you'll never miss a due date again and you'll avoid paying those annoying late fees.

  •     Bill Pay can be accessed with Online Banking and our Mobile App
  •     Send money to people as well as businesses
  •     Round-the-clock Bill Pay support is available at no cost via the Bill Pay Help Line at 866-636-4962

Digital Wallets

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Use your credit or debit card today to make purchases on the go.

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